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Project Ross
Extensive Remodel & Addition 
Ross, California

The property is a rare and breathtaking remodel to an existing single-family home set on a very steep slope in the middle of the redwood forest in the small town of Ross in Marin County just north of San Francisco, CA.  The Advisory Design Review Group preserves the neighborhood character and home style.


The previous owner had plans to expand the existing home, but never got the plans approved.  A new owner, who is a developer, contacted me to develop and design the new house.


Previously the home did not take advantage of the fantastic available redwoods setting.  The roof configuration limited the size and location of view windows, and the interior walls blocked views between spaces and exterior scenes. My response was to lift facets of the roof to allow for large view windows.


During the approval process, we had to work closely with the architectural review committee on the house design to fit the neighborhood style. That explains the traditional flavor of the house exterior. 


After building permit was acquired, construction started and took place through heavy, challenging winter rains. 

Remodel was complete with soaring ceilings, an elegant open floor plan, an extensive wine cellar of the modern Italian kitchen with a large island, and a large private deck overlooking the natural environment.


Ross, Marin County, CA

Completion Date


Type of service

Architecture & Building Design, Site Development, Construction Management, Lighting Design,

Interior Design, Custom Furniture + Millwork 

Type of Project

Extensive Remodel & Addition

Project Team

[Architectural Designer]

Masha Barmina




Bay Area Cabinets


VMA Investment & Management LLC

[Structural Engineer

Robert Gorman


Raquel Creative


Project Data

1st floor = 2,063.98 sf

2nd floor = 1,391.06sf 

Garage = 465.70sf

Deck = 1.000sf

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