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Project Blackhawk
Interior Remodel of Existing Home
Blackhawk, California

A family of four has lived in their home for seven years. Kids sent to college, and the couple decided to embark on remodeling their traditional classical home to fit their now empty nest.


Enjoying their new lifestyle, they were re-thinking the way they lived, considering "who they were now," and preparing for their next life's chapter.


Focusing on what was needed for them less on their children drove the decision to remodel their home. They wanted to create a relaxing modern retreat where they could escape at the end of the day. 

They contacted me to help them design the new space for their home. The client and I worked collaboratively on reconfiguring the existing space creating a fresh, clean, modern look.


An Italian style kitchen design with an oversized modern island for entertaining with an adjacent dedicated area for quiet reading and space for listening to music with a new fireplace. The couple's passion for art and their extensive collection appropriately placed offset by clean surfaces of the new living room.

The result was a new chic modern home interior supported by modern furnishing and lighting. 


Blackhawk, California

Completion Date


Type of service

Architecture & Building Design, Site Development, Construction Management, Lighting Design,

Interior Design, Custom Furniture + Millwork 

Type of Project

Interior Remodel 

Project Team

[Architectural Designer]

Masha Barmina


Igor Nikolaev



Raquel Creative


Project Data

Lot area 0.49acres

1st floor - 2055sf

2nd floor - 2,432.89 sq ft

Garage - 700sf

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